I am currently a second-year Ph.D. student at HKU supervised by Dr. Kai Han in Visual AI Lab. Before that, I obtained my MSc in Computer Science and BEng in Information Security from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), advised by Prof. Liang Lin. I also spent a summer interning with Dr. Yisen Wang at Peking University in Zero Lab.

I am particularly interested in building reliable AI systems for real-world applications, involving visual language model and open-world robust learning (both semantic and covariate shifts).


Mar 2023:
📣 One paper about tradeoff b/w robustness & accuracy is accepted to CVPR'23 as Highlight (Top 2.5%).
Feb 2023:
📣 One paper about privacy protection on STR is accepted to TIFS.
Mar 2022:
📣 One paper on adversarial robustness is accepted to ICLR'22.
Jun 2021:
🏆 Outstanding Dissertation Award & Graduate student of Sun Yat-sen University.
Oct 2020:
📣 One paper about diversity of adversarial generation is accepted to TPAMI.
Sep 2020:
🏆 National Scholarship, ranking 1st442.
May 2020:
🎤 Online talk invited by CSIG (in Chinese).
May 2020:
🖨 Media report (in Chinese).
May 2020:
📣 One paper on ReID robustness is accepted to CVPR'20 as Oral (Top 3%).
Sep 2019:
📣 One paper about explainable dropout is accepted to CIKM'19 as Oral.
Jun 2018:
🏆 Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation Award of Sun Yat-sen University.
Apr 2018:
📣 One paper on crowd counting is accepted to IJCAI'18 as Oral.
Sep 2017:
🏆 National Scholarship, ranking 1st72.


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Conference & Journal Reviews

  • AAAI (2023), NeurIPS (2023-2022), ICML (2023-2022), ICLR (2022), CVPR (2023-2019)
  • TIP, Neurocomputing, Machine Learning


  • Programming for Data Science (STAT7008A)
    HKU, 2023 Fall
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision (APAI3010 / STAT3010)
    HKU, 2023 Spring
  • Programming for Data Science (STAT7008)
    HKU, 2022 Fall


  • Outstanding Graduate
  • Outstanding Thesis Award
    2021 and 2018
  • National Scholarship ( 1st442 and 1st72)
    2020 and 2017
  • SIGIR Travel Award
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship
    2016 - 2020
  • National First-level Athelete of Swimming